Julia Malcolm - pet portrait and wildlife artist

Wildlife Portraits by Julia Malcolm

Are you a lover of wildlife, have you recently been on safari or do you own a wildlife park? Would you like an original portrait of your favourite animal? Let me help you! Just email or post a photograph for me to work from and I will paint or draw a portrait in oil paint, pastel, pencil or charcoal.

African Wild Dog portrait in pastel

African wild dog (pastel)

On this page is a small selection of wildlife portraits in a variety of mediums. If you click on an image, a new page will open with a larger view. There are further pictures of wildlife in the Oil, Pastels, Pencil and Charcoal galleries.

Tasmanian Devil portrait in pencil

Tasmanian Devil (pencil)

Elephant portrait in oil paint

Elephants (oil)

The Ordering page gives details of pricing and the ordering process. However, if you are undecided about the best "look" for your portrait then just email me with any queries. I can give advice on composition and suggestions for the most appropriate medium to use.

Portrait of a Thorny Devil in pastel

Thorny Devil (pastel)

For examples of work I have recently finished, take a look at the testimonial page. This shows "before" (the image I worked from) and "after" (the portrait I produced) photos together with feedback from clients.