Julia Malcolm - pet portrait and wildlife artist

Ordering information

Ordering is easy! Just email me a high quality photo of your pet and I will convert it into a portrait. Please specify a size and medium for your portrait (oil, pastel, charcoal or graphite). I am happy to give advice on the most appropriate medium and backgrounds. I require a 50% non-refundable deposit as shown below prior to commencing on your portrait. The balance is payable once you have received your portrait and are 100% satisfied with it. Please read the detailed Ordering Process and Terms and Conditions below prior to placing your order.

All prices are listed in Australian dollars. Payment can be made using a cheque issued by an Australian bank or (International) Money Order. International orders are welcome.

Prices (in Australian dollars) and sizes of animal portraits by Julia Malcolm

Gift vouchers are also available

Approximate size (other sizes also available) 31x41cm (12x16in) 41x51cm(16x20in) 51x61cm (20x24in) Deposit
Oil Paint 445 595 795 50%
Pastel 345 445 545 50%
Pencil (Graphite) 295 395 495 50%
Charcoal 295 395 495 50%
More than one pet $90 extra per pet
Packaging and Postage $25 plus postage at cost

Ordering Process

1. Choose a photo of the animal subject you wish to be captured. This can include photos or pictures from wildlife or nature subjects. You can complement the main photo with more photos that show detail of animal eyes or colouring etc.

2. If there is something you wish modified from the photo, please note this (for example, removal of dog collars, shift of tail, etc).

3. Describe the colours of the subject if there are shadows, for example, or if the photo does not accurately represent them.

4. For pet portraits, describe the nature and character of the animal, eg. is he/she sweet, hyperactive, quiet and what they get up to!

5. Decide which medium you would like for your animal portrait - oil, pastel, pencil (graphite) or charcoal and the size of portrait. Please contact me to discuss different options and ideas if you are undecided.

6. Send your photo(s) via email, CDs or prints in the regular post. All printed photos will be returned. I prefer high quality digital photos sent by email.

7. When I receive your animal photos, I will contact you to confirm your commission and go through any questions that may arise. Down payment can now be paid via the bank or postal cheque (to Julia Malcolm).

8. Animal portraits take between 4-5 weeks for completion depending on the medium, size and number of animals. Once the picture is finished, I will contact you and send a photo of the portrait for initial review. If you are satisfied, I will then arrange collection or postage of the portrait.

9. If you are happy with the animal portrait and there is nothing to adjust, final payment is then due, including package/postage. If there are some adjustments to be made, please contact me to arrange this (adjustments are included in the purchase price).

Terms and Conditions

1. Enquiries and consultation about your possible commission are free of charge.

2. The deposit must be paid (cash, money order or cheque) prior to starting your commission. The deposit is nonrefundable.

3. Adjustments to the picture are free of charge (if not changing the original order).

4. Portraits are posted flat with appropriate protection and packaging, although they can be collected from myself by prior arrangement (Berwick, Victoria). Packaging and postage costs (national or international) are added to the price of the portrait outlined in the table above

5. I do not usually perform framing unless otherwise discussed and priced in advance.

6. Final payment is due once you are satisfied with and retain the picture.

7. If you are not satisfied with your commission and do not wish to purchase it, return it and no final payment is due.

8. Seven days payment settlement, cash, cheque or money order (made out to Julia Malcolm)

9. All CDs or printed photos will be returned.

Portrait of a group of dogs

Brothers and sisters