Julia Malcolm - pet portrait and wildlife artist


Are you an animal or wildlife lover, pet owner or breeder? Would you like an original portrait of your favourite animal? Let me help you! Just email or post a photograph for me to work from and I will paint or draw a portrait in oil paint, pastel, pencil or charcoal.

Portrait of Hendrix in pencil

Hendrix (pencil)

The pictures on this page are just a small sample of the animal portraits I have completed over the years. If you click on an image, you will be taken to a enlarged and more detailed picture. I have arranged the pictures into galleries, which can be viewed by selecting the links above. These are arranged by subject and by medium (oil, pastels, pencil and charcoal). On the medium pages you will find tips on selecting the best medium for your pet or wildlife portrait. I am more than happy to give you further advice on this if you require by email.

Portrait of an infant gorilla in oil paint

Infant gorilla (oil paint)

Portrait of Matilda in pastel

Matilda (pastel)

The Ordering page gives details of pricing, how to order and terms and conditions. The About Me page details my artistic career and the Testominials page shows recent commissions I have undertaken, together with the image I have worked from and the feedback I received from the client.

Douro Valley horse and rider in pencil

Douro Valley horse and rider in pencil