Julia Malcolm - pet portrait and wildlife artist

About Me

I've been painting, drawing and sculpting since I can remember. I grew up in Melbourne, Australia and was encouraged to express myself through art by my parents and school teachers.

Julia Malcolm

Being the daughter of two artistic parents meant that I was surrounded by creativity and encouraged to explore new ideas and concepts. I remember my mother cutting up cereal boxes so we could use the inside as canvases and collecting egg cartons so we could construct objects. My mother and grandmother were very good artists in oils and pastels and my father worked with metals, clays and wood.

One of my biggest joys was being given oil paint and pastels which belonged to my grandmother from the time when she worked as a commercial artist. I still use these historical media in my work knowing that my grandmother would be glad that they continue to be used in a creative fashion through the family generations.

My artistic career started when I successfully competed in school and local art shows and won prizes at agricultural shows. I sold my first painting at 12 years of age and from there commissions started coming in for portraits of peoples' dogs, cats and horses. My passion was and still is, to capture lifelike portraits of pets and wild animals in a variety of media.

Now 30 years later, I am still painting and drawing and my subject matter includes pets as well as wildlife, flora and abstract work. After travelling and working abroad in Europe, Latin America and Africa, I returned to Melbourne where I continue to create unique and realistic works of art.

Working in South Africa

When taking a break from my artwork, I enjoy spending time playing the piano, swimming laps at the local pool and working with horses. Whenever possible I return to South Africa to assist local communities with basic animal husbandry.